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Pool Academy boost pool professionals sales

Pool professionals: discover 4 ways to boost your sales at Piscine Global Europe 2018!

19 Sep 2018
Would you like to boost your sales? The Pool Academy space at pool show Piscine Global Europe 201...
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Aromachology, a spa innovation

Aromachology - a new dimension for wellbeing in pools and spas

11 Sep 2018
You probably know about aromatherapy, but have you heard of its little sister aromachology? This ...
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Design de la piscine de Rotterdam

Case study: converting an existing building into a public swimming pool

03 Sep 2018
The construction of “Swimming Venue”, Rotterdam’s new public swimming pool, is a masterpiece of i...
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Arguments to use when promoting aquafitness

Promote your aquafitness sessions with the right arguments!

23 Aug 2018
Aquafitness is one of the most recent crowd-pulling swimming pool trends. France is now the bigge...
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Challenges apprentissage de la nage

Learning to swim: 3 major challenges for Western countries

10 Aug 2018
Today, too many people cannot swim: 1 in 6 adults in France (1), 1 in 4 adults in the United King...
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Animations spa originales

What spa animations can you organize to be different?

14 Jul 2018
Attracting increasingly demanding customers is an endless activity. So make your spa stand out fr...
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Pool staging, un marché porteur

Pool renovations, aka pool staging, are a good way to boost your sales

14 Jul 2018
Pool renovation, aka “pool staging” is a fast-growing trend – as shown in a survey of pool owners...
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Façade piscine Holmen  TLauluten

Case study: building an ecological public swimming pool in Norway

06 Jul 2018
A true pioneer in low energy consumption swimming pool with, the Holmen ecological pool opened in...
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