POOL DESIGN AWARDS 2018 - The most beautiful residential swimming pool - 2nd place

Swimming pool at Lyon  PG-ANIM-POOL-DESIGN-AWARDS_RGB-Trans.png

  • Architect practice: CARRE BLEU COTE JARDIN
  • Lead project manager: Serge Renard
  • Location: Lyon, France

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Photo credits: Stéphane Berdin

Radical transformation of a pool that had been built five years earlier and was in perfect working order, but that did not correspond to the modern spirit of the house in the eyes of the new owners. In order to blend the pool more smoothly into its environment, the initial L-shape was modified and transformed into a more sober rectangular shape: the length was increased (12.50 m instead of 10 m), the depth of the deep end was reduced (1.60 m instead of 1.90 m), and that of the shallow end was left unchanged (1.20 m).

A staircase combined with a deck was created, a seat now runs along the entire length, and a corner staircase was added. The pool design was completely modified with the creation of a peripheral overflow system on all four sides, which meant fitting a channel drain and a buffer tank and making significant technical modifications to meet the requirements of inverted hydraulics.

These renovation works were the occasion to incorporate a four-season heat pump, an automatic cover with a submerged casing and colour LED spotlights, and to refurbish the decks and copings completely, thereby enhancing the mirror effect of this infinity pool.

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