Improving pool safety with pool automation: 3 crucial points to remember
29 May 2019

In France, 80% of deaths by drowning of children under 6 years old occur in private swimming pools (1), despite existing laws. Could pool automation (domotics) contribute to making pools safer? Several manufacturers believe so and have designed solutions which you could propose to private owners. Connected pools are the future!


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Private swimming pools safety is a “must”!

Some countries, like France, oblige in-ground pool owners to install safety equipment whereas other countries (like Portugal) do not. These strong disparities mean that it is the duty of the swimming pool sector to make owners aware of pool safety issues.

Fortunately, domotics exist and the simplicity of use and trendiness of connected objects make their application to safety easy to sell! Just in France this booming sector generated 1.6 billion euros in 2017. A study by the Fédération Française de la Domotique (the French Domotics Federation) highlighted the fact that consumer interest focuses on products that enhance safety and comfort (2).

A great opportunity to renew the range you offer! Several manufacturers have adopted this technology to improve private pool safety equipment. 

Domotics development strategies for pool safety

The prevention of drowning

Death by drowning (in particular of young children) is what worries pool owners most – and can be prevented by the acquisition of specifically designed connected objects.

Piscine Global Europe 2018 exhibitor Nextpool created NoStress, a beacon worn as a collar or bracelet by a child connected to an adult’s smartphone. An alarm trips in the event of immersion, distancing or loss of the device. Immersed video monitoring cameras, like AngelEye, are also worth considering.

Connected swimming pool covers

Pool covers stop people and animals from falling in and conserve water quality by keeping out dead leaves, etc.

Awarded a prize in the 2018 Pool Innovations contest for its automated cover, APF has developed a free application called APF Connect which makes it simple to open and close pools with less likelihood of forgetting! No need to use a key or go to the pool room! 

Water quality monitoring

Bacteria, chemical reaction of urine with chlorine which forms cyanogen chloride… Poor water quality can cause several problems. Water quality management can be a problem for pool owners who may not have the knowledge needed to adjust treatments to match use, the season, etc.

Several manufacturers, like Syclope with its Hydro’com solution or Aqualink by Zodiac use pool automation to control various parameters (chlorine level, pool pH, etc. …) in real time.

Domotics is a major innovation which covers all the facets of the swimming pool sector and which is an easy sell to private pool owners who appreciate new technologies. To learn more, check out our article on the host of swimming pool automation applications!

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