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25 January 2021

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Pool designs to customize wellbeing experiences. Some architects, builders and designers excel in this specialty and enjoy playing with water, lighting, lines and much else to create exceptional surroundings. The International Pool Design Awards contest recognizes their expertise. Here are the Big Winners in 2020!

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In “The most beautiful wellness area” category

1st prize: Grand Hotel Terme di Comano Wellness Center by Bianchetti Architettura and Atelier 2 - Italy

This new spa pool opens onto the pedestrian park, so the indoor swimming pool users can make the most of the view. An outdoor tank joins the indoor pool.

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2nd prize: Indoor & Outdoor Wellness Space by Carré Bleu Nicollier Piscines and Dupont Architects

This spa provides full-wellness facilities with, outside, a remotely controlled stainless steel mirror pool with steps and a balneotherapy bench. Indoors there is a sauna and Turkish baths with a heated table.

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3rd prize: Spa of the Hotel du Castellet by Architecture 54

This ode to the Mediterranean invites swimmers to dive into a sophisticated, streamlined marine ambiance with very carefully chosen and crafted materials. The host of wellness equipment includes six care cabins with individual designs.

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In “The most beautiful small swimming pool” category

1st prize: Trapezoidal pool with glass wall by Carré Bleu - Nicollier Piscines and Wonka Architecture - France

This original linerless plunge pool is inserted between the terrace and the parent’s suite in a modern home. It features all the necessary pool equipment plus an immersed automated shutter.

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2nd prize: Small square pool bohemian chic spirit by Carré Bleu- Piscines Pyrénées-Atlantiques

Built on the banks of a lake, this 3.15 x 3.15m square reinforced concrete plunge pool has a flat bottom, a depth of 1.40 m and an integrated bench. An open invitation to relax in quiet, natural surroundings.

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3rd prize: Las Palmeras Borguede swimming pool by GUNITEC POOL SPA SL. and Pau Gimenez Miralles

What makes this pool different is its iridescent Ezarri Zafiro mosaic and its cream natural marble beach. It features several dorsal massage jets. The plunge pool has a Top Clean cleaning system and an automated shutter.

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In “The most beautiful renovated swimming pool” category

1st prize: Indoor swimming pool with hammam by Carré Bleu - Nicollier Piscines and Archi DT - Switzerland

In a mountain chalet, the complete restoration of this thirty-year-old swimming pool has entirely transformed the space to create a new functional living room dedicated to relaxation. A spa and a sauna were also added near the pool.

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2nd prize: Renaissance of a century-old swimming pool by Carré Bleu - Côté Jardin

This pool in the Manoir du Colombier has had several lives since 1900 before being rehabilitated as a wellbeing space. The initial volume was altered yet again to become a rectangle with pure and sober lines.

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3rd prize: Dive into the deep end - Gonthier Piscines

This restoration of a private 11 x 5m outdoor pool uses natural materials with cumaru wood decking and limestone edgings. Its height is ideal for making the most of the panoramic views.

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In “The most beautiful residential swimming pool (indoor)” category

1st prize: Custom-made indoor pool in a majestic vaulted cellar by Carré Bleu - Agretec and Atelier Cambium Olivier Laurent - France

In the majestic vaulted cellar of a 19th century manor house, this pool’s mirror effect ensures it blends into its surroundings. Discreetly integrated sophisticated equipment guarantee all modern comforts without harming the site’s natural attractiveness.

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2nd prize: The heart of the house by Diffazur Piscines

All the living rooms in this modern and industrial home give onto the pool – the central element. A 4m high canopy lets in the light and reveals the sky.

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3rd prize: Indoor swimming pool with hammam by Carré Bleu - Lubin piscines

An extension was added to this château in the Sologne region of France to house a 12 x 5m indoor pool and a Turkish bath. Its looks conserve the traditional aspect of the château but the pastel tiling gives it its own personality.

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In “The most beautiful residential swimming pool (outdoor)” category

Equal 1st prize: The swimming pool over the colors of the hills by Studio Associato Landesign - Italy

Harmoniously integrated into the flower-decked hills to conserve the stunning views, this 20 x 7m ecological infinity overflow pool is the focal point of a major landscaping project including gardens and an orchard. A jacuzzi is another invitation to let the world go by.

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Equal 1st prize: Swimming on the hills - Boyer Jardin & Piscine and ACCS Architectures - France

This incredible 9 x 4 m private outdoor pool with glazed walls was built in an ancient ruined chapel high on a hill. It has a timber deck, travertine edgings and gray finishings.

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2nd prize: Semi-inground design mirror pool by Carré Bleu - Piscines Pyrénées and Atelier Delphine Carrère

This modern-looking pool was built when the house was renovated. It has a 12 x 4m swimming lane. Its sober lines create a view from the house down to a neighboring lake.

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3rd prize: Villa Velanidi by Skoposdesign

Aligned with the doors and windows of a villa, this 20-meter long pool is uniquely high to take in all the downhill views. All the design elements ensure that the pool can be seen, in particular from the lowest level.

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In “The most beautiful swimming pool for sport and leisure” category

1st prize: Lefay Resort & SPA Dolomiti by Studio Apostoli - Italy

Nestling in a 5-star spa, this pool has spectacular panoramic views over the Dolomites. Inspired by nature, the pool is in harmony with local rock - light granite - which makes it possible to create reflections like those in alpine streams.

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2nd prize: Natural style swimming lane by DIFFAZUR PISCINES and Fabrice Ginocchio

This pool is shared by three holiday homes standing in their own grounds and has a 25m lane with an infinity overflow. Modern, it reflects the avant-garde architecture of the homes and features an underwater beach along its whole length.

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Equal 3rd prize: The Garden - Piscines Es & Spas and Eric Lafougere- Architecture concept

Showpiece of the new 4-star Golden Tulip Hotel, this 7.88 x 4.1m public indoor pool is part of a wellbeing space including Turkish baths, a treatment room and infrared sauna cabins. The pool has a counter-flow system.

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Equal 3rd prize: Landscape architecture and Swimming pool for Terra Dominicata Hotel & Winery by SCOB Architecture and Landscape

Created for the Terra Dominicata hotel and vineyard, this pool conserves the typical architectural style of the Serra del Monsant Nature Park. It is part of a bigger project - a complex which looks like a small local village.

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Are you a pool architect and want to promote your achievements, but don't know how to go about it? Consult our dedicated article to find some ideas and watch out for the opening of the next Pool Design Awards contest!

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