Interview with Noémi Petit, Director of Piscine Global Europe

The countdown to the 2018 edition of Piscine Global Europe, which will take place from 13 to 16 November in Lyon – Eurexpo, has started.
2018 will mark a turning point for this benchmark event because the next edition will be the opportunity to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the exhibition. Noémi Petit, Director of Piscine Global Europe, and her team are working hard to prepare this year’s show.

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How is Piscine Global Europe 2018 shaping up?

Everything is looking good! With more than 28,000 m2 of floor space, 600 exhibitors and 18,000 visitors expected, Piscine Global Europe is promising to be a very large gathering of pool and spa professionals from around the world.   It is a real showroom, acclaimed by the industry! The leading international firms, gathered within the Majors Club, have renewed their trust in us, and so have the international federations, who will also meet at the show on the occasion of the Pool Summit. Piscine Global Europe is genuinely the entire sector’s favourite place to network. This exhibition is both ‘hands-on’ and turned towards innovation. This takes the form of product tests in pools, product demonstrations and 120 pools and spas being installed and filled with water at our exhibitors’ stands. It is also a place where all the latest trends of the sector can be tapped into. All systems are go for the sector! The construction and realestate sector is flourishing, creating a positive context. The European economy is on the upswing. Consumer confidence is rising. This is benefitting the pool and spa industry and giving it some challenges to rise up to, such as the pool revamping market, which is both a strong trend and a high-growth area. The growing demand for spas and wellness is also a significant catalyst for growth in the sector.

What developments have you come up with to keep improving the event and build on the huge success of the previous shows?

We go out in the field every day to understand the market and the expectations, needs and behaviour of buyers in all sectors of the industry. Thanks to this observation process, we have concluded that pools really represent a new lifestyle. And this is not just a gimmick. It is having concrete repercussions on the behaviour of pool buyers and users.

When people start thinking about a pool project, they consider the design aspects, whether they are working on a privately-run pool (“How can I incorporate the pool into my tourism or leisure facility? How can I make sure it is in line with my brand image and my location?”) or a public pool (“How can I modify my project to cater to the requirements of its users (sauna, jet massaging, wellness equipment)?”).

Pools represent a lifestyle: For private buyers, the objective is to create a comfortable outdoor setting and share good times. The pool is the catalyst for this outdoor lifestyle (barbecues, drinks, bathing). People spend more and more time next to their heated, illuminated, furnished and decorated pool. It is really designed to create a lifestyle. There are now dozens of liner colours, pool shapes, types of lighting system, etc. All pool owners design their pool so that it fits with their own way of life. This is a trend that is set to continue.

More than 28,000 m2 of floor space
More than 600 exhibitors, of whom 60% from outside France
5,500 professional suppliers on hand to welcome visitors at the stands
More than 18,000 visitors expected, including 39% of international visitors from nearly 100 countries
More than 20 international federations
120 pools and spas filled with water for the 4-day exhibition

Can you tell us more about the specific features of the 2018 exhibition?

We have drawn our inspiration from this trend, which has become the new positioning for the Piscine Global network, to prepare this year’s exhibition. The main events such as Pool Academy, with its workshops dedicated to design and client relations, the Outdoor Area and the Pool Design competition, will all showcase an aspect of this lifestyle. The layout and decoration of the exhibition itself have been designed in this spirit, all the way down to the names of the different areas: the reception area will now be referred to as “The Terrace”, while the Innovations area will be the “Pool Innovations”, etc.”.

We are going to give the entire show a “Lifestyle” tone in order to develop the client experience onsite. This aspect will be developed at the exhibition but also outside it, via our social media, which maintain the sector’s dynamism between the exhibitions. The visitors can customise the programme for their visit and prepare it beforehand, from their visit itinerary to the professionals they will meet while they are there.

Another key component of the exhibition will be the theme of “connected pools”, in line with the wishes expressed by automation and smart home system buyers. Several seminars and workshops, such as those during the Pool Academy, will address these topics.

In the same spirit, Piscine Global Europe will propose an “augmented edition” to help its visitors optimise their visit by:

- preparing their trip thanks to the Hospitality service,
-  booking meetings with exhibitors in the build-up to the show, via the Speed Meetings,
-  using the “Touchpoint” system, an innovative technology that allows visitors to download all the documentation available on an exhibitor or an event they are interested in, simply by placing their badge on a Touchpoint terminal.

Piscine Global Europe is an international exhibition: will there be many industry players from outside France again this year?

With 39% of visitors and 60% of exhibitors from outside France, our exhibition brings together an international offering with an array of equipment that will cater to the needs of all countries and climates. For that matter, our exhibitors are well aware that our visitors come from all corners of the world and always prepare specifically to welcome them.

We are lucky enough to have 40 representatives around the world who strive to raise awareness of the exhibition among international visitors and help them prepare to attend. This year again, about ten international delegations will be travelling to the show.

We can also count on a dozen ambassadors, who represent the exhibition outside France and share their experience of attending. This is a huge asset! And we should also not forget the Pool Summit, which brings between 20 and 25 professional federations and associations from all continents together at Piscine Global Europe to discuss the market’s latest trends.

A few words to conclude?

I would like to tell our visitors that the exhibition will be what you make of it. Everything has been set in place to help you prepare your visit as efficiently as possible. So take the necessary time (at least two days) in November to come and discover the extraordinary pool lifestyle!

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