Spotlight on the trends at Piscine 2018

Swimming pools are living spaces in their own right, following interior design and home decor trends and evolving in their own way to meet consumers’ expectations. Colours, materials, shapes, surrounds… 2018’s swimming pool is synonymous with lifestyle and innovation. We take a look at the key trends of the 2018 season, which will be in the spotlight at the Piscine Global Europe exhibition next November.

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Dark colours at the cutting edge

This year, pool designers are opting for dark colours to give their pools a sophisticated look. Linings in black and shades of grey create a mirror-like effect on the water, giving a sensation of swimming in the middle of a river. The look is modern and contemporary, sometimes evoking the industrial style that is currently in vogue.
From the technical standpoint, these dark hues take the form of mineral renders or marble crystals, which are durable and convenient materials.

New trends in finishes
Béton ciré, printed liners, renders…

A wide variety of innovative finishes is now available, producing increasingly customised effects that are pleasing to the eye, create visual illusions and blend seamlessly into their surroundings.
Natural finishes such as wood and stone are also popular with designers. They add significant aesthetic appeal, particularly when a pool has to blend in alongside an old building. Whether for a lining, a coping or a surround, the design is refined and the materials are noble.

Small is beautiful
The days when a beautiful pool had to be a large pool are over.

In 2018, demand is shifting towards customised pools that can adapt to the size, slope and shape requirements of the land on which they are to be built. Pools have become living spaces in their own right, and are no longer reserved merely for swimming.
Very deep and very large pools, which are now often considered too difficult to clean and too big to fill, filter, treat and heat, are giving way to small and more affordable pools. The financial investment and time involved in building them, as well as in maintaining them and completing the simpler administrative formalities (in France there are none for pools less than 10m2 in area!), are better suited to the needs of today’s customers.
Specific formats such as mini-pools are becoming increasingly common features of gardens, creating elegant and relaxing spaces.

The emergence of versatile poolside lounge areas

A pool is a central feature of any home, providing a genuine retreat for relaxation and recreation.  2018 is witnessing the emergence of poolside lounge areas (pool houses, summer kitchens, spa areas, etc.) giving guests a place to relax in style and placing the emphasis on comfort through chairs and loungers with ample cushions.
With space being at a premium in today’s gardens, outdoor furniture must also be ingenious and versatile. So manufacturers are getting creative and designing models that metamorphose effortlessly – a stool into an occasional table or a lounger into a bench – to save space without sacrificing style!

A step change is indeed taking place in consumers’ expectations, and this is forcing the manufacturers and professionals to adapt their approach to customer service and offer resolutely innovative and on-trend products at exhibitions such as Piscine Global Europe.

Discover all these trends at and at the Piscine Global Europe exhibition, taking place at Lyon-Eurexpo from 13 to 16 November 2018.


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