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Piscine Global Europe has changed to meet the needs of everyone involved with pools and spas – in a new context
10 Sep 2020

Press release
September 10th, 2020

GL events Exhibitions have altered Piscine Global Europe to meet the needs of sector players in the context of Covid-19 in the most effective and appropriate way possible.
Piscine Global Europe, the “must” international Pool & Spa show, is now staged in two distinct events - a digital event, on November 17th and 18th, 2020 and a physical event, including full digital support services, from February 9th to 12th, 2021, in Lyon-Eurexpo, France.

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Following your feedback and the needs expressed by sector professionals before the summer, GL events Exhibitions proposes a new project developed jointly with the show commission of the Fédération des Professionnels de la Piscine et du Spa (FPP).
This new project was prepared in consultation with everyone in the sector and also addresses market expectations, the sanitary context and the roadmap for launching innovations.

Complementary, the two digital and physical events are designed to enable pool and spa firms to boost the number of contacts they make and generate new business.
More than ever Piscine Global Europe wants to be a go-between and a tool for development and the valorisation of innovations, proposing solutions in phase with the market and its challenges.

With a concerted approach and a true spirit of togetherness as everyone involved was dedicated to finding solutions for the future we have  completely re-looked Piscine Global Europe.
I am very happy with this new direction and the renewed confidence of market makers and the FPP in GL events.
I am convinced that co-working is the way forward and how we will propel our show onwards and upwards, strengthen its values and adapt it to tomorrow’s world.
We are ready and committed to meeting these challenges and to ensuring the success of all our forthcoming shows!

 Florence Mompo - GL Events Exhibitions Divisional Director

The FPP has worked in close partnership with GL events for many years and we want to continue our joint efforts to create the first truly world-wide show for the next edition of Piscine Global Europe.
This edition will be very different from everything we have done in the past due to Covid-19 and the sanitary requirements involved and we have spent a lot of time in discussions between the FPP, GL events and exhibitors on deciding what needs to be done to find a visibly innovative and attractive solution.
 For the first time in November 2020, Piscine Global Europe will be an all-digital show and become a “phygital” (physical + digital) show in February 2021.
This is a milestone in the use of new communications tools and we believe that GL events is the best organizer for this breakthrough due to their capacity for innovation, national and international know-how and experience as the organizer of major events.
Let us move forward together and face up to these challenges!
Let us do everything we can to ensure that these Shows are extremely successful.

Gilles Mouchiroud - FPP President

A new project featuring 2 complementary events

November 17th and 18th, 2020

PISCINE CONNECT, a digital event highlighting innovations, new products and services and focused on developing business opportunities

Organized on the historical, initial dates of Piscine Global Europe, Piscine Connect is an alternative digital solution, at which exhibitors can promote their innovations, new products and services at dates which respect suppliers’ commercial schedules.

This all-digital event, based on a web platform and a cell phone application, will be accessible free of charge to all Piscine Global Europe community professionals - suppliers registered for the physical show in February 2021, purchasers and deciders.

Piscine Connect will feature a wide range of functions in a new event-driven concept:

  • an innovations platform highlighting exhibitors’ new products and services,
  • product presentation webinars accessible as live videoconferences or replays,
  • a networking solution,
  • a “hands-off” business meeting platform.

From February 9th to 12th, 2021, Lyon – Eurexpo, France

PISCINE GLOBAL EUROPE, a hybrid contact-generating event

The first physical event in 2021 for the Pool & Spa sector, Piscine Global Europe will be the “must” post-Covid event for everyone in our community at which to meet again physically for discussions and experience-exchanges.

To facilitate contacts between professionals, optimize interactions and build business, Piscine Global Europe adds digital capabilities to the physical show. A web platform and cell phone application to enable professionals to “network” before, during and after the show, organize business appointments in face-to-face or in distance learning, attend conferences in webinars and discover the latest innovations, new products and services.
The February 2021 show will be a completely re-invented innovative and digital event, enabling even more interactions between professionals and even more opportunities for making contacts.

Accordingly and so as to facilitate the arrivals and the visits of national and international purchasers and decision makers we have organized guided tours and a hospitality service with Only Lyon (the Lyon Tourist office).
The GL events Group guarantees that all sanitary precautions in force next February will be implemented to protect everyone present at the show.

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