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Uberization of private swimming pools: threat or opportunity for the pool market?

18 Mar 2019
Every summer since 2016 comparison platforms between owners of private swimming pools and bathers...
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Tendances Observatoire marché
Thermenparadies, parc aquatique en Allemagne

4 top trends to follow when building a waterpark

07 Mar 2019
Following our article on designing waterparks that meet the public’s need, we list the four main ...
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Valoriser un showroom de piscinier

How to boost your pool store or pool showroom sales!

25 Feb 2019
During Piscine Global Europe 2018, Retail Division Manager Flore Huguet led a conference on the w...
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Des innovations spa

Spa innovations in furnishings which transform the ambiance

14 Feb 2019
Changing ordinary surroundings into true vectors of wellbeing is the strategy of several exhibito...
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Impression 3D et secteur de la piscine

3D printing, a high value-added innovation to boost pool sales!

07 Feb 2019
As we saw in our article on augmented and virtual reality, new technologies can help pool profess...
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Pool and spa hybrid concept

Combined swimming pools and spas meet new demands

29 Jan 2019
Initially sold separately, swimming pools and spas are gradually joining forces thanks to the inv...
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Customer experience in pool industry

Understanding new buying habits to grow customer experience… and pool industry!

17 Jan 2019
Following its first conference on new customers' expectations in the French swimming pool market,...
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Les attentes du public dans un parc aquatique

When designing a water park, make sure it provides what users want!

08 Jan 2019
Water centers, water parks and spa centers are doomed to failure if they don’t precisely meet wha...
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