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Citation piscine sur les réseaux sociaux

10 inspirational pool and swimming quotes to share on your social networks

15 Jul 2019
Summertime is here and your customers are splashing around in their pools. But you can’t rest on ...
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Tendances Observatoire marché
Massage musical subaquatique

Underwater musical massage®, a new spa trend for all specialized establishments!

04 Jul 2019
Water brings relief to mankind and “music hath charms to soothe a savage breast”, so imagine a sy...
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Fosse de plongée Deepspot

The two deepest diving pools in the world will soon be open!

27 Jun 2019
The Deep Joy Y-40 pool in Italy will not be the deepest diving pool in the world for long. Despit...
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Salon Observatoire marché
Guide des tendances de la piscine

Dive into our blog to discover these 5 new pool trends!

18 Jun 2019
Convivial, trendy, sporting, ecological and innovating, pools are continually reinvented to match...
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Salon Tendances
Hearst Castle Neptune Pool

Design and architecture of swimming pools: flashback to the changes in the 20th century

06 Jun 2019
In the last century, the appearance of private swimming pools transformed the design of homes. Ma...
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Equipement pour piscine sportive

What equipment do you need to supply to sell sports pools to your clients?

20 May 2019
Private swimming pools are usually used for family fun but can easily be converted for athletes n...
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Salon Observatoire marché
Cranach, la Fontaine de Jouvence

The representation of swimming pools as cultural products

09 May 2019
The representation of swimming pools is a “must” element in the arts, our heritage and also in th...
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Piscine du studio Apostoli

The winners of Pool Design Awards 2018 explain how a swimming pool becomes exceptional

29 Apr 2019
During the Piscine Global Europe 2018 fair, the architects of five exceptional and sumptuous swim...
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