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Pool staging, un marché porteur

Pool renovations, aka pool staging, are a good way to boost your sales

14 Jul 2018
Pool renovation, aka “pool staging” is a fast-growing trend – as shown in a survey of pool owners...
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Façade piscine Holmen  TLauluten

Case study: building an ecological public swimming pool in Norway

06 Jul 2018
A true pioneer in low energy consumption swimming pool with, the Holmen ecological pool opened in...
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création parc aquatique

Creating a water park: 6 “musts” to get it known

04 Jul 2018
The ROI on a water park is particularly rapid, especially if it is attractive. Today in the Unite...
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tourisme thermal Grèce

Developing thermal tourism: Greece shows the way

18 Jun 2018
The Ancient Greeks loved to use spas – and now hydrotherapy is back in the form of thermal touris...
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5 pool accessories for unforgettable pool parties

04 Jun 2018
When they create festive atmospheres, private centers with swimming pools attract big events like...
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Water Tests demonstration area

Jump into the Water Tests demonstration area!

28 May 2018
What if you could find hands-on testing of pool and spa suppliers’ innovations right in the middl...
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How to facilitate access to public pools for the disabled?

21 May 2018
Are swimming pools truly a place of leisure for all? Getting disabled people into the water has b...
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Sensory deprivation, the new wellness trend

Sensory deprivation: the wellness trend resurfaces

31 May 2018
Intense relaxation in a state of weightlessness, without leaving dry land? Yes, it’s possible, th...
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