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Concept art de Rulantica

Advertising and promoting a new water park opening: Rulantica’s marketing strategy

16 Sep 2019
Long awaited, Rulantica, the water park extension to the famous German amusement park Europa-Park...
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Design de la piscine Infinity London

Bold design! Check out the first 360° infinity pool project in the world

05 Sep 2019
A new technical challenge for pools - and architects! The first 360° infinity pool is being discu...
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Thermes de Caracalla, Baden-Baden

Will eleven European spa towns with prestigious architectures soon be recognized by UNESCO?

29 Aug 2019
In 2014, several European countries joined forces under the name “Great Spas of Europe” to valori...
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Aménagement de terrasse de piscine extérieure

5 landscaping and furniture ideas to cool outdoor pool surroundings

12 Aug 2019
Heat waves transform pools into refuges for many owners and customers. But although splashing in ...
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Tendances Salon
Hotel Terme di Merano

Take a look at the amazing tourism and leisure pools which won Pool Design Awards in 2018!

02 Aug 2019
Pools symbolize new heights of quality for tourism and leisure businesses! And even more so when ...
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Observatoire marché
Equipement autour de la piscine

What equipment, accessories and furniture do people buy to put around their pools?

25 Jul 2019
In May 2019, Aqua Magazine published the results of its annual study polling pool and spa market ...
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Citation piscine sur les réseaux sociaux

10 inspirational pool and swimming quotes to share on your social networks

15 Jul 2019
Summertime is here and your customers are splashing around in their pools. But you can’t rest on ...
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Tendances Observatoire marché
Massage musical subaquatique

Underwater musical massage®, a new spa trend for all specialized establishments!

04 Jul 2019
Water brings relief to mankind and “music hath charms to soothe a savage breast”, so imagine a sy...
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