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Fosse de plongée Deepspot

The two deepest diving pools in the world will soon be open!

27 Jun 2019
The Deep Joy Y-40 pool in Italy will not be the deepest diving pool in the world for long. Despit...
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Salon Tendances
Hearst Castle Neptune Pool

Design and architecture of swimming pools: flashback to the changes in the 20th century

06 Jun 2019
In the last century, the appearance of private swimming pools transformed the design of homes. Ma...
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Piscine du studio Apostoli

The winners of Pool Design Awards 2018 explain how a swimming pool becomes exceptional

29 Apr 2019
During the Piscine Global Europe 2018 fair, the architects of five exceptional and sumptuous swim...
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Tendances Observatoire marché
Thermenparadies, parc aquatique en Allemagne

4 top trends to follow when building a waterpark

07 Mar 2019
Following our article on designing waterparks that meet the public’s need, we list the four main ...
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Les attentes du public dans un parc aquatique

When designing a water park, make sure it provides what users want!

08 Jan 2019
Water centers, water parks and spa centers are doomed to failure if they don’t precisely meet wha...
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Water park construction in China

The technical prowess of a new Chinese water park construction

08 Oct 2018
A Chinese company is creating a new theme park in a disused mine 100 meters deep. This technical ...
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Tendances Observatoire marché
Design de la piscine de Rotterdam

Case study: converting an existing building into a public swimming pool

03 Sep 2018
The construction of “Swimming Venue”, Rotterdam’s new public swimming pool, is a masterpiece of i...
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5 pool accessories for unforgettable pool parties

04 Jun 2018
When they create festive atmospheres, private centers with swimming pools attract big events like...
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