With more than 1400 member companies, the FPP is the only professional organisation representing the pool, spa and pool shelter sector. Its members are mainly pool builders/fitters as well as equipment manufacturers and companies providing maintenance and other services. It is also the leading professional federation in the pool sector in Europe. It unites, defends, represents, professionalises and promotes pool sector players, in particular its 1400 specialist member companies who, in electing to join, have chosen an approach aiming to defend the interests of their profession and their business. Its key missions are to promote swimming pools and its members to consumers, professionalise the industry players and represent and defend professionals in their contacts with public authorities and the press and provides high quality and proximity services to its members (personalised legal advice). The FPP provides its members with regular newsletters, technical and contractual documents, market studies and consumer studies. It has drawn up a bold, precise charter of commitment broken down into 5 chapters, which has been tested on consumers. The FPP has created the Propiscines quality label, which has already been awarded to 550 companies in France. The goal of this label is to professionalise and raise the profile of committed, trained, qualified specialists who undertake to comply with certain conditions. The “qualified” and “certified” levels are awarded subject to certain conditions being met, mainly by Socotec Certification.

In May 2021, the FPP created the Pool Education and Health Endowment Fund, aiming at facilitating development of aquatic ease from the age of 3-4, improvement of swimming skills and the use of aquatic sports practices beneficial to health and well-being. The purpose of the endowment fund is to support and carry out any activity of general interest of an educational, sporting, family or social nature and contributing to the protection of the natural environment.

To this end, the endowment fund actively participates in the implementation or financing of projects of entities working in this direction and, where appropriate, of places and spaces dedicated to this purpose.

French Federation of Pool Professionals  
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In the words of the chairman of the French Federation for Pool and Spa Professionals (FPP)
Piscine Global Europe is now unquestionably the leading international pool and spa trade exhibition, and France - the largest market in Europe and the second largest in the world - has a duty to support and accompany this showcase for the sector’s expertise and professionalism.

The French Federation of Pool Professionals (FPP), the only organisation representing the entire pool sector in France and the largest federation in Europe, with more than 1400 member companies, is the exclusive partner of Piscine Global Europe - and proud of it! Our sector has returned to growth over the past six years in spite of the health crisis, which dealt a hard blow to many industries. It has been a rough ride for pool companies, but they have been able to adapt and continue meeting the ever-increasing demand from consumers. Unfortunately we were forced to cancel the 2020 exhibition, so we hope that our exhibitors and visitors will be looking forward to the 2022 edition more than ever.

The stage is set, and Piscine Global Europe 2022 will pull out all the stops once again to develop the market and showcase a host of innovations from exhibitors.

The market surveys commissioned by the FPP among both consumers and professionals will be presented at the show, giving an updated economic snapshot of the sector including statistics on numbers of companies, employees, new hires, etc.

The 2022 show will feature a tremendous variety of topics, with a special focus on environmental issues. With extended producer responsibility about to be applied to building construction products and materials in France, we are hoping a wide range of recycling solutions will be available and that the producer responsibility organisations will be able to present these to you in Lyon.

Recruitment and training will also be priority issues in 2022, and the FPP will be offering you its range of courses and tools to help you understand this new environmental standard. A number of new establishments will open this year after the summer break, and will be at the exhibition.

The FPP will be keen to unveil its new visual identity and all the documents it produces and makes available to members, such as a maintenance log book, user guide, recycling guide, and the technical directive on automation.

You will also be able to find out about the new actions we are implementing to promote pool safety via our endowment fund for education and health pools, and in particular our “Vigiplouf” safety kits for children.

Socotec Certification will also be in attendance at the FPP’s stand, to present its qualification and certification solutions dedicated entirely to pool companies.

Promote, professionalise, defend and serve our members: these are the FPP’s four strategic priorities.

Bringing pool and spa companies together to build the market and create a sustainable development approach for the industry by engaging with all stakeholders, in both France and Europe, is the FPP’s fundamental purpose.

Our role as a watchdog, preparing for the future by drawing on the FPP lab, which now includes the market surveys committee, may sometimes seem far removed from your everyday concerns, but the very reason a federation exists is to do the things that companies cannot do alone.

And to help you day by day, our member services are still available, in the shape of the pool specialist’s legal and technical tool kit containing contract documents: GTC, acceptance report, drought exemption, works declaration form, conditional estimate, AFNOR agreements on the installation of pools and spas, etc.

We are fully committed to Piscine Global Europe, and we strongly encourage all our members to exhibit at the show or come and visit.
Stéphane FIGUEROA, Chairman of the FPP

We look forward to seeing you at the FPP stand




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