Piscine Connect's Introduction

Piscine Connect is the digital event dedicated to pool and spa professionals. 

Designed to bring professionals together, Piscine Connect makes it possible for the whole sector to interact and preview innovations, discuss them as they are launched, facilitate meetings and discussions and in this way respect suppliers’ sales and marketing schedules.

Complementary to Piscine Global Europe 2022, Piscine Connect helps you grow your business without leaving your office!



A Web platform previewing Pool & Spa product innovations


Webinars led by experts in their fields, show sponsors (federations, media, etc.) and suppliers presenting their innovations

A networking solution between professionals with a chat room and profile determination functionalities to help consolidate and develop business contacts


A video meeting platform to develop business opportunities and build contacts


For suppliers :

  • A vital rendezvous for contacting your customers - and finding the new ones.
  • Promote your innovations to sector professionals via the innovations platform.
  • Script commercial webinars to present your products to your customers and prospects (broadcast live and in replay)
  • Find new customers and partners with our networking tool.
  • Program and set up Visio meetings with all the Pool and Spa community professionals

For buyers :

  • Discover the innovations via the innovations platform 
  • Use our networking tool to source new suppliers 
  • Discover the latest solutions and get market information via live or replayed webinars 
  • Program and set up Visio meetings with all the Pool and Spa community professionals








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