The Pool Arena is a modern, innovative conference area.
It will offer audiences a genuine experience through a programme of short talks on hard-hitting topics.
Interspersed with talks on the latest trends, exhibitors will share elevator pitches setting out their products.
Innovation will be a key focus for the key themes addressed in the Pool Area in 2022: sustainable development, digitisation, training and recruitment.


9 suppliers pitch their new products, innovations, undertakings.

  • LA COOPERATIVE DES PISCINIERS - The COOP: Innovative network that dips its shirt
  • SYCLOPE ELECTRONIQUE - How to better protect your employees and optimize your operating costs with the in-situ chlorine generator?
  • PROCOPI-BWT - Change the world SIP by SIP - Commitment & Innovation
  • DIFFUSION EQUIPEMENTS LOISIRS - The eco-responsible swimming pool: Innovations, Materials, Equipment
  • PMP-Manouvellepiscine.com
  • INNOVATIVE WATER CARE EUROPE SAS - Calcium hypochlorite : impacts from the health of bathers and the environmental standpoints
  • AQUARK TECHNOLOGY LIMITED -Innovation Creates Intelligent Outdoor Life.
  • KLEREO - Connected and automated systems for sustainable swimming pools
  • ABRIDEAL - The pool enclosure, a sustainable equipment

5 conferences on the sector’s key issues: Jobs & Training, Sustainable development, Architecture and Design, Digital solutions. 

→ Digital technology: an opportunity for the business model of tomorrow

How do digital tools meet the management challenges of the pool industry.

→ Jobs and training: what are the best strategies for attracting and retaining employees?

Being an employer in 2022: what are the next generations looking for?
Training, hiring and retaining staff in our lines of business: insight to feed your strategy

→ Design and architecture: the new “must-haves” to gain market share

Architecture and design: what trends are set to shape the next five years?
Design as a unique selling point: what is the best approach to capturing new markets?

→ Sustainable development: moving towards an even more sustainable pool model
What adaptations are needed to meet today’s climate requirements?

  • A more sustainable approach to commercial swimming pools: from design to construction
  • A more sustainable approach to residential swimming pools: from design to construction

Jobs & Training workshops

Building a “corporate culture”
or employer brand to retain employees

Workplace wellbeing:
what are the key levers?

New professions in the swimming pool sector:
who to hire to stay in the innovation race?

Efficient recruitment channels:
where do you find the talent of the future?


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