Pool Design Awards

The swimming pool is synonymous with happiness, pleasure, relaxation and conviviality.
It is also an asset of great value so that an architect can diffrentiate himself and bring sigularity to a space, a living environment, a landscape...

Through the Pool Design Awards competition, the Piscine Global Europe show highlightq the work of architecture and design in the world of swimming pools and spas.
The opportunity to take an overview of the most beautiful achievements around the world and the latest trends.

This competition, created in 2014, is open to all pool architects, designers and builders.
It now rewards a top 3 winners in the following categories :

  • Well-being
  • Small pools
  • Pool renovation
  • Residential swimming pool
  • Sports and leisure pool
The panel of judges for 2022 consists of:
  • Eduardo Lazaro, One Drop (international press, Spain)
  • Nigel Benton, Australasian Leisure Management (international press, Australia)
  • Sébastien Carensac, Tangram (international press, France)
  • Joanne McLain, Zonda Media (international press, USA)
  • Maik Berger, Bt Verlag (international press, Germany)

For more information, please contact :
Joanna LAVAUD, project manager : +33 (0)4 78 176 323 - [email protected]

Discover the 2022 award winners and take a look at the winners going back to 2014 in the Pool Design Collection.


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