POOL DESIGN AWARDS 2022 - Residential Pool – N°1

Project name: Villa Peduzzi

Architect : Andrea Meirana Architects
Builder : Ecoedile S.r.l. 
Country : Italy


Photo credits : Andrea Bosio

"Villa Peduzzi swimming pool and the pool house were carefully designed to fit within the landscape, creating a breath taking experience of the location where the water and the sky permeate indoor and outdoor space.The view from the property and the steep hill inspired a floating effect of the pool and pool house, the sky and lake view become part of the swimming pool.The swimming pool has an infinity edge on two side towards the lake view, one jacuzzi area for 8 persons facing the view. During the beginning and the end of the summer the pool can be heated for extra months use, the automatic cover is hidden under the stone sun deck.
Natural stone and tiles help to integrate the pool within the colour of the context where green and grey are predominant.  
The pool house offers space for gathering both during day and night with a fully openable floor to ceiling corner windows. From the internal space the water of the pool is enjoyed also visually, with the light reflection on the ceiling, where the sun instead is shade by the cantilevered roof.
No matter the season, or the weather, the design aim is to have a close relationship with the nature; outside become part of the inside.
The overall Villa Peduzzi design was to emphasise the unique arrangement between the magnificent heritage and the beauty of the nature, with a modern demand for functionality and comfort, executed in a very subtle, elegant and harmonious way, preserving historic integrity of Villa Peduzzi.
The mail Villa was restored to its original 1900 grandeur incorporating luxury of the contemporary living designed with timeless elegance.
Completely redesigned and raised roof opened up space for two new terraces, overlooking the lake.
Newly added balconies elegantly balance the proportions and enhance the perspective from below adding new slender feeling.
A daring excavation under the building gave way to a brand new gym space."

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