POOL DESIGN AWARDS 2022 - Sport & Leisure - N°1

Project name : Hotel-tourist complex Fruske terme

Architect : DBA Ltd
Country : Serbia


Photo credits : Aleksander Milutonovic

"The Fruske Terme hotel-tourist complex is located on the slopes of Fruska Gora, close to the city of Vrdnik. Surrounded by walkways and bike paths, only 70 kilometers from the capital of Serbia, the hotel is implanted in the forest of Fruska gora. The complex was completed in two phases: the first phase covered the construction of the hotel in the period 2018-2020, and the second was the construction of outdoor pools (2021-2022). The Hotel-tourist complex Fruske terme occupies an advantageous position in its natural surroundings, overlooking a forest from the 42976 m2 facilities.
It is accommodated with 13 swimming pools, 12 saunas, massage rooms, 206 hotel units, a
restaurant with all accompanying amenities, and congress halls. Users of all age groups are welcomed as the complex is intended both for families and business people. The capacity of the hotel is 500 people. At the same time it is possible to provide accomodation for 900 visitors during the day in the facilities offered by the spa and wellness center. The construction of the third phase will take place in the future. It will be intended exclusively for families with children. The addition to the existing
complex will include five more swimming pools, children's playgrounds, and everything that will
complete the offer for children (ages from babies to teenagers). The complex contains 13 pools with a total water surface of 2509 m2.
Some are closed with water temperatures of 32°C and partly open for swimming in summer with water temperatures of 28°C. There is also a “winter” pool with hot water for swimming outside and on cold days."

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