POOL DESIGN AWARDS 2015 - Asia - The most beautiful spa

Alila Cha‐am Resort PG-ANIM-POOL-DESIGN-AWARDS_RGB-Trans.png

  • Architect: DBALP Architects
  • Location: Phetchaburi, Cha-am, Thaïland

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The hotel concept is essentially about nature. Not about cultural locality, but purely about its natural context. The project’s vocabulary requires architectural sublimity so the purity of nature can be fully appreciated.

The project is laid out in a linear approach. The sequences of space poetry begins with a geometrical landscaped courtyard, a large white marble piazza, which brings you to grand marble steps that lead to a large open‐air lobby with a latticed‐wood structure spanning 18 metres; it finishes at a seemingly never‐ending stretch of the reflective pool that meets the horizon. A beach‐front restaurant marks the end.

The function of the project is simple and straightforward: a restaurant with a beach front experience, a spa for ultimate relaxation, a room with a view and a house with a pool. A key highlight at Alila Cha‐Am is the Red Bar. Thus, from now on, you may have to consider red as a function.

The design of the project is quite a distance from the word ‘contemporary’ or ‘style’, if not further than the word ‘resort’ itself. The notion of the design is about a place, its emotional and spatial connotations.
How does the décor pay homage to the Thai culture? The notion of Thai culture can lead to a diverse and contradictory conversation.

What is the actual definition of ‘Thai culture’?

Is it something you see or something you taste and feel?

This project can perhaps embody Thai culture through the analogy of Thai food: it is not about how it looks, but more about how it feels.

We designed most of the furniture ourselves because the strong personality of our architecture suits few furniture collections. All the material used for furniture and finishing are inspired by nature; thus, we have stone, wood, glass, concrete and red. Red can also be considered as a material too.

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