POOL DESIGN AWARDS 2015 - Asia - The most beautiful swimming pool for tourism and leisure

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  • Architect: P. Landscape Co., Ltd. Bangkok, Thailand
  • Project leader: Wannaporn Phornprapha, Dr. Vipakorn Thumwimol and  Paweena Darmdenngarm
  • Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand

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137 Pillars House Pool Vision Asia.jpg

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137 Pillars House boutique hotel is an urban oasis right in the center of Chiang Mai, Thailand. The concept for the landscape took inspiration from the site’s cultural and architectural heritage. The design takes cues from the existing artwork, language, and colors, as the intangible resources and site orientation, contextual conditions, existing architecture and vegetation as the more perceptible guiding tools. In addition to augmenting the aesthetic nature of this heritage hotel, the landscape weaves a narrative through the planting and material palette as the guests travel back in time. By creating a central open space around which the buildings, swimming pool and activities are clustered, the landscape layout resonates the character of Thai traditional village, which invites the guest to interact within and protects this vulnerable enclave from increased development in the vicinity.

The swimming pool of 137 Pillars House needs a high degree of privacy as it is situated among the chaotic surroundings of the city. It is cleverly placed between the back of elevated courtyard and a dramatic 15-meter green wall which helps protect views from surrounding developments to create privacy and serenity.

‘Edge free’ design is introduced : all four sides of the pool are infinity edges to give the sense of clear connectivity and to visually expand water area. Overflown water collecting basin is hidden underneath function area due to limited space. There is also a temperature control system as Northern Thailand can be quite cold in winter.

The swimming pool is to be well compatible with landscape that helps reinforce the design of modern luxury and maintain the historic value and old-world charm of the site. In order to fully utilize the small space and to give a sense of seamless connection, the edge of water surface is visually connected to pool deck with a neat and clean line of narrow opening that collects overflown water. Green wall which functions as screening also helps add uniqueness to the swimming pool.

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