POOL DESIGN AWARDS 2016 - Europe - The most beautiful residential swimming pool

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  • Architect:  Holger Mauerer Architekt BDA BSW 
  • Project leader:  Holger Mauerer
  • Location: Düsseldorf, Germany

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Surrounded by a landmarked residential area in Dusseldorf should the Villa get a swimming pool. The urban land was closely, a license on the ground floor could not be reached. There was only an underground solution possible and even this was bound to strict limits.

Civil engineering in downtown was an adventure. The foundations of the old building had to be reinforced and old tunnels were found and had to be removed. Last but not least groundwater had to be pumped.

All these efforts should lead to a maximum pool. And this was the full length of the house. But also a sauna and a spacious spa shower and a relaxation area should get space. The gym was housed in the old building.

The interior design was a challenge in terms of wall decoration. Large pools below ground require large windowless walls. The architect wanted to leave early dominate the color blue which always produces an effect of infinity. Just as the aerial perspective. All tests with wall and mosaic techniques yielded no satisfactory result. And Illusions painting was favored. And suddenly it was clear there is not only an aerial perspective, but also an underwater perspective.

The idea of an underwater world was born. The drafting of the Wall took over the painter Nico Alushin. The lighting design is restrained and focused on the atmosphere that emanates from the pool. Beige only is used as a color of the sand and wood in addition to the dominant color Blue. This creates a very relaxed atmosphere which can quickly make you forget to be located in the basement of a house in an urban environment.

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