POOL DESIGN AWARDS 2016 - Europe - The most beautiful swimming pool for tourism and leisure

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  • Architect: 107 ARCHITECTURE
  • Project leader: Lionel THABARET
  • Location: Saint Bonnet de Froid, FRANCE

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The proposed site for the implementation of the project is located in high mountain area at 1117m in the town of Saint Bonnet de Froid Haute Loire (Auvergne - France). The field of operation, south of the village, offers a panorama of 250 ° revealing a landscape of mountains, hills and forests.

It is an aquatic facility "Les Sources du Haut Plateau" specializing in relaxation, nature and relaxation. It is also part of Relais et Châteaux (Tourism and Leisure) establishments of the 3* star restaurant, Régis Marcon.

The building consists of two levels with a high ground floor welcoming the Torrent and Wellness area, and a garden level consisting of activity rooms and technical rooms. The floor area is 750 m2.

The framing of the views on the large spaces, the collective places arranged all having natural light and the atmosphere of well-being released by the unit of the materials. The project is a "sculptural object" impelling a new direction and dimension in its environment while maintaining a certain continuity with the existing codes. Swimmers can swim in gorges, through the "rocks".

The volume of the building represents trapezes suggesting a pile of rocks and drawing cliffs. The orientation of the project allows to offer unobstructed and panoramic views to the south from the basins, inland beaches areas and outdoor terraces.

The architectural intention was to create meanders and canyons that the torrent has dug into the rock. The interior facades form canyons made up of forged concrete walls, gray stained and equipped with cascades. The gorges of the torrent are lit naturally by the canopies on the roof. It ends on a bay window equipped with an underglazed glazing and an outdoor jacuzzi plunging on the valley. To assert the illusion of the canyon, we created on the roof 2 windows above the basin.

To the south, the pool has views of the valley and hosts bubble benches with wooden headrests, a seat bench and an indoor and outdoor Jacuzzi.

Among the innovations put in place, the low foot showers spray the agent "Démicoseur" on the feet of swimmers.

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