POOL DESIGN AWARDS 2016 - Middle East - The most beautiful residential swimming pool

Palm Jumeirah, Luxury Villa PG-ANIM-POOL-DESIGN-AWARDS_RGB-Trans.png

  • Architect: TerraVerde
  • Project leader: Mr Nehme Moujaess
  • Location: Dubai, U.A.E.

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The client wanted to adopt a large scale swimming pool but with enough capacity vacant to facilitate a comfortable “break out” area within such a restricted space, all whilst ensuing a contemporary Moroccan flair.

The pool needed to be installed strategically, running parallel along the beach front to achieve the wanted effect of blending the swimming pool into the natural horizon. With eye level views of the sea, supplementing the pool with immersed sun beds was beneficial for accomplishing a restful setting.

The project implemented a range of various landscaping methods including; irrigation, pool installation, softscaping, hardscaping, construction and bespoke carpentry but adjacent to the infinity pool, a Jacuzzi placed separately and raised slightly higher was one of the main architectural features and ideal for maintaining a soothing Moroccan tone.

On our recommendation, the tiling in both pools was distinct and visually significant for a project of this weight. Handmade Thai, cracked glass mosaic tiles were fitted and this contributed to the artistic bearing both the pool, and Jacuzzi had on the garden’s look.

Being in the heart of Palm Jumeirah, we wanted the project to signify how a beautiful pool design can both compliment the exterior of an existing property as well as embracing the natural surrounding landscape but still stand in isolation as an aesthetically striking outdoor area.

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