POOL DESIGN AWARDS 2018 - The most beautiful renovated swimming pool - 1st

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  • Architecture firm: SOHO ATLAS
  • Lead project: Luis Reggiardo
  • Location: Lyon, France

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Photo credits: Olivier Fayolle

The Centre Nautique du Rhône (Rhone Aquatic Leisure Centre) was initially designed by local architect Alexandre Audouze-Tabourin and commissioned in 1965. This reconstruction project was broken down into three phases, the last one being completed at the end of 2015. Some of the leisure pools were delivered in the summer of 2013.

The first phase comprised the complete renovation of the poolside areas and pools on the north side of the facility: leisure pool (1670 m2), paddling pool (420 m2) and poolside areas (4000 m2). The stainless-steel pool is the main component of the facility and is divided in two zones: one for swimming, the other for leisure activities. It is equipped with a four-lane waterslide, a mushroom fountain, massage seats, hot tubs, swan-neck fountains and a 35-m long counter-current river. The site is designed to host temporary events: the poolside area on the north side of the facility can be transformed into an ice rink in the winter and be accessed from the Rhone river banks.

The second phase of the works comprised the major rehabilitation of the main building, the renovation of 6000 m2 of poolside areas, and the creation of a 50-m “Nordic” outdoor heated swimming pool. The building, which has a surface area in excess of 3800 m2, accommodates the reception area, a lounge for receptions, the public changing rooms, the plant rooms and a restaurant. A pool has been built in the historic building: it enables users to enter the water indoors and join the 50-m outdoor pool via a tunnel swimway. Built entirely in 316 L stainless-steel, the 50-m pool is equipped with two hinged flap walls and an automatic heating cover. The project has received acclaim from the public, with many users in summer and winter alike since it reopened.

The project was managed by Luis Reggiardo (Architect and partner) and Laurie Mercusot (Architect).

Other project players:

  • Lead firm: Soho Atlas (Architects), Egis (design office), Korell (engineering economics), Cobalt (lighting specialist).
  • Contractors for the main lots: BLB (main structure), Eiffage Thermie and Hervé Thermique (water treatment), Zeller (stainless-steel pool and waterslide), Etandex (waterproofing and paddling pool), Divers Cité (spash pad).

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