POOL DESIGN AWARDS 2018 - The most beautiful renovated swimming pool - 2nd place

The Amiraux swimming pool   PG-ANIM-POOL-DESIGN-AWARDS_RGB-Trans.png

  • Lead project manager: François Chatillon
  • Location: Paris, France


Photo credits: ©CYRILLE WEINER

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The Amiraux swimming pool is included in the supplementary inventory of historical monuments. In order to meet the challenges of restoring and upgrading the swimming pool, the agency has drawn up an analysis document in three parts: A historical summary tracing the chronology of the construction of the swimming pool, a report on the surveys carried out and a health check. This investigation campaign is based on in situ observations, archival research and plans transmitted by the City of Paris.

The objective is to analyze the disorders allowing to elaborate the project and to estimate the cost. The question of decor and colors, essential to the understanding of the architecture of Henri Sauvage, is the subject of a study showing that despite many modifications, elements, still in place, are to be preserved. These elements will make it possible to envisage the restitution of the missing parts.

François Chatillon has decided to restore the pool in a state close to its initial state. The main challenge of this project was to be able to identify all the subjects to be treated with their level of associated risks and to respect the regulations in progress, whether on the structural work, the structures, or the tiles. The earthenware tiles, our major lot, had a dual problem: the development of custom materials in respect of the original colors by combining the constraints of current standards.

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