POOL DESIGN AWARDS 2018 - The most beautiful swimming pool for tourism and leisure - 2nd

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  • Architect firm: MESURA
  • Lead project manager: Benjamin Iborra Wicksteed
  • Location: Peratallada, Spain




Photo credits: Salva Lopez

A garden out of carved stone In Peratallada, an awesome village in the region of the Baix Empordà, a project of the Architecture Studio MESURA has changed the landscape of the area. Peratallada, whose name means “carved stone”, is one of the most special medieval settlements in the country, with a splendid castle formed by several buildings with a common courtyard.

MESURA is commissioned to build a garden with terrace for a timid and camouflaged holiday resort, a quiet place for body and mind. The categorical respect to the history of the place and the use of local materials are the starting point of a project which suggests the use of the existing water tank (and its three levels) as ball-and-socket joint to save a complex topography. This is the way to avoid a great change in the landscape environment.

Near the resort, a beautiful hundred-year-old acacia stands up as the counterpoint to the horizontal characteristic of the project. The main material of the project is Turkish white travertine marble, which covers the three levels of the terrace with pieces recuperated from an old project in another village of Girona. Its recycled origin requires the use of pieces with reduced format and different sizes and compels a hard-working carving-up procedure. The water tank with a colorless micro cement finish preserves the traces of the medieval past and the surrounding nature, and gives the place some calmness as the water overflows and falls to a channel.

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