Hotel Therme Meran

POOL DESIGN AWARDS 2018 - The most beautiful swimming pool for tourism and leisure - 3rd

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  • Architect practice: Demetz Achitect
  • Lead project manager: Hugo Demetz
  • Location: Merano, Italy

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Photo credits: Hotel Therme Meran

The swimming pool created for the Hotel Terme di Merano is located on the roofs of the hotel as a panoramic terrace overlooking the mountain and the city. In the saline pool is created that there is a natural boundary between water and sky is blurred and the surfaces are natural and are inspired by the mountain environ me. The coverings are made of precious materials, like stone and wood. The interior of the pool is in stone with gray tones like the rocks of the surrounding mountains and the terrace is made of wood an important material in the Alpine area.

The environment is designed to satisfy the senses thanks to the colors and scents of the hanging gardens that recall the essence of the surroundings. The structure is the natural extension of the hotel made with contemporary aesthetics but able to decline peculiarities. The use of wooden structures and the most modern technologies allowed, in a short time, to create a modern cloister that accompanies the guest in a succession of views of the city on a journey through the experience of wellness, both physical and mental.

Extremely original are the architectural solutions that have managed to create a continuity between the terrace and the landscape without interruption using elevation jumps and hanging gardens. Immersed in the salt-water swimming-pool it is therefore possible to let the gaze run on the landscape without barriers letting yourself be lulled by the beauty of what surrounds us.

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