Villa Velanidi Pool Design Awards

POOL DESIGN AWARDS 2020 - The most beautiful residential swimming pool (outdoor) - N°3


  • Architect: SKOPOSDESIGN

This villa and pool are owned and designed by Alithea Johns and Marcus Warren of Skoposdesign as a rental business in Corfu, Greece. The property is long and thin with two main views, one of the Ionian Sea towards the Albanian coasts and the other within the boundaries of the plot which is encased in mature vegetation. The 20m pool sits in the middle of the plot, aligned with the building openings and designed to accentuate the view down the length of the land through a play on perspective by reducing the width at its end from 4m to 3.5m. The pool height was determined by a multiple of factors; we wanted to increase the sea views from the pool sun loungers, maintain a wheel chair accessible slope from the upper level of the house and maintain uninterrupted views over the pool when walking between bedrooms on the lower level. The lower level view also facilitated the 360-degree overflow detail where the water level and paving level are equal and offer a clean viewing line from the lower bedrooms. We also lowered the overflow stone support wall to accentuate the waterfall effect on both the audible and visual sensors of the guests. Internally the pool has been created with a uniform depth of 1.4m with varying depths at the entrance to cater for infants, shallow sunbathing, and young children. There is also a safety step with a tread of 10cm that runs around the internal perimeter of the pool at a depth of 1m from the finished water level.

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