Piscine trapezoïdale à paroi vitrée Pool Design Awards

POOL DESIGN AWARDS 2020 - The most beautiful small swimming pool - N°1

Trapezoidal pool with glass wall PG-ANIM-POOL-DESIGN-AWARDS_RGB-Trans.png

  • Architect: SARL Wonka Architecture
  • Builder: Carré Bleu - Nicollier Piscines

Photo credits: Morgane Nicollier

This small pool was built at the same time as the house. It is inserted between the master suite and the terrace as the owners (a childless couple) did not have enough land to build a traditional in-ground pool.
Its original geometric shape – a trapezoid – offers maximum dimensions for the space available, with a length of 3.94 m on one side and 4.80 m on the other, a maximum width of 2.58 m and a width of 1.67 m on the glass panel side.
The outer wall, made of acrylic glass, is 90 mm thick and gives an impression of depth and transparency.
The pool was cast in reinforced concrete at the time of building the house. The side walls have been intentionally left unlined, the bare concrete giving a very contemporary look in perfect keeping with the general architectural design of the house.
The pool features a waterfall built into the house façade and visible from the master bedroom. The equipment room is situated below the waterfall.
In spite of its small size, this pool is fully equipped, lit, heated and protected by an automatic cover discreetly situated at the bottom of the pool that opens along the glass wall, ensuring complete safety without affecting the overall aesthetics.

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