Hôtel Golden Tulip Strasbourg - The Garden Pool Design Awards

POOL DESIGN AWARDS 2020 - The most beautiful swimming pool for sport and leisure - N°3 ex aequo

Hôtel Voco Strasbourg Centre - The Garden PG-ANIM-POOL-DESIGN-AWARDS_RGB-Trans.png

  • Architect: Eric Lafougere - Architecture concept
  • Builder: l'esprit piscine - Piscines Es & Spas

Photo credits: Nis&For photographe

Department, country and year of construction: Bas-Rhin. France . 2018
General description of the project: Indoor collective swimming pool. Hotel Golden Tulip Strasbourg Center - The Garden (67)
Technical description and specificity of the project: Concrete shuttering structure. Waterproofing 3D reinforced membrane 200/100 ° concrete. Hydraulic skimmer network. 7.88 x 4.1 m. 1.50 m flat bottom. Straight staircase. Automatic regulation. Heating Exchanger. Dehumidification by duct network. Swimming against the current.

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