Remember the Pool Design Gallery (Pool Vision) 2016 winners

  The most beautiful residential pool

M. Holger Mauerer (Holger Mauerer Architekt BDA BSW) with the « Deep Blue » (Germany) project

Pool Vision 2016 - residential.jpg

In the heart of a historic residential area of Düsseldorf, could you build a swimming pool for this villa? The urban environment was dense and no permit could be obtained for the ground floor. Only an underground solution was conceivable, itself subject to restrictions.
The civil works in the city center were complicated to implement. The foundations of the old building had to be reinforced and old galleries were discovered and had to be removed. Finally, the groundwater had to be pumped.
All these efforts were to make it possible to build a pool of maximum surface that is to say over the whole length of the house. But it was also necessary to provide space for a sauna and a spacious hydromassage shower, as well as a relaxation area. The gym was built in the old building.
The interior design was a real challenge in terms of wall decoration. Large underground pools require large walls without windows. The architect wanted first of all to dominate the blue color, which always produces an effect of infinity and gives an aerial perspective. No testing with wall and mosaic techniques yielded satisfactory results. Trompe-l'oeil paintings were therefore favored. It then became clear that there was not only an aerial perspective, but also an underwater perspective.
The idea of an underwater world was born. The services of the painter Nico Alushin were used to decorate the wall. The lighting work was limited to the atmosphere emanating from the pool. In addition to the dominant blue color, beige was the only other color used to evoke sand and wood. This has created a very relaxing atmosphere, which quickly makes you forget that you are in the basement of a house in an urban environment.

   The most beautiful tourism and leisure pool

M. Lionel Thabaret (107 ARCHITECTURE) with the « Les Sources du Haut Plateau » (France) project

Pool Vision 2016 - gagnant Tourisme.jpg

The site proposed for the implementation of the project is located in high mountain area at 1117m in the commune of Saint Bonnet de Froid in Haute Loire (Auvergne - France). The field of operation, to the south of the village, offers a panorama over 250 ° revealing a landscape of mountains, hills and forests.
It is an aquatic facility "Les Sources du Haut Plateau" specialized in relaxation, nature and relaxation. It is also part of the Relais et Châteaux (Tourism and Leisure) establishments of the star-rated restaurant 3 *, Régis Marcon.
The building consists of two levels with a high ground floor welcoming the Torrent and the Wellness area, and a garden level consisting of activity rooms and technical rooms. The floor area is 750 m2.
The framing of the views on the large spaces, the collective places arranged all having natural light and the atmosphere of well-being released by the unit of materials.
The project is a "sculptural object" impelling a new direction and dimension in its environment while maintaining a certain continuity with the existing codes. Bathers can swim in gorges, through the "rocks".
The volume of the building represents trapezes suggesting a stack of rocks and drawing cliffs. The orientation of the project allows to offer clear and panoramic views to the south from the basins, the inner beaches and the outdoor terraces.
The architectural intent was to create meanders and canyons that the torrent dug into the rock. The interior façades form canyons made of die-forged, gray-glazed concrete walls with cascades. The gorges of the torrent are illuminated naturally by the glass roofs. It ends on a bay window equipped with a submerged glazing and an outdoor jacuzzi plunging on the valley. To affirm the illusion of the canyon, we created in roof 2 glazings above the basin.
To the south, the basin has a view over the valley and has bubble seats equipped with wooden head rests, a seat and an indoor and outdoor Jacuzzi.
Among the innovations put in place, the low foot showers spray the agent "Demicoseur" on the feet of the bathers.

The most beautiful public pool

M. Branimir Medic (Architekten Cie.) with the « Noorderparkbad » (Netherlands) project

Pool Vision 2016 - gagnant Piscine Publique.jpg


The swimming pool Noorderparkbad is an individual building of airy appearance and invites the public to enter. Focusing on the transition from landscape to building and breaking down the vast classical volumes of a swimming pool, Noorderparkbad is a pavilion in the middle of a park.
The soft-shaped volumes and the curtain of corrugated rain constitute the elements linking the building and the park. The rain curtain is the most striking feature of Noorderparkbad. Educational element in the first place, it reminds how much the pool is closely related to the water.
On a rainy day, water flows like a waterfall along the curtain and suggests to the visitor that the rainwater becomes the bathing water.
On a sunny day, the curtain glistens like a frozen waterfall, and on a winter day the ice crystals transform the building into an ice palace. In addition, the curtain marks the entrance to the swimming pool as in a theater: it is raised to guide the visitor inside the building.
Noorderparkbad is a new family-owned public swimming pool located in the north of Amsterdam and will play an important social role. The traditional character of baths as a meeting place of the neighborhood is marked by the inner atmosphere. Intimate enclosed spaces alternate with high ceilings and dormer windows. The diamond-shaped wooden roof and the finishes of the floor, ceiling and walls made of traditional materials give the building a warm atmosphere.
The sustainability ambitions of Noorderparkbad are very high and have been taken into account in the layout plan. The secondary functions, such as a warm cover, envelop the three halls of the various pools, which are heated at high temperature. Only the large bays of these south-facing halls have no protections, allowing the sun to heat the space and visitors to enjoy the beautiful view of the park.

  The most beautiful renovated pool

M. Martin Reimer (4A Architekten) with the « Sports Centre Leonberg » (Germany) project

Pool Vision 2016 - gagnant Piscine rénovée.jpg

The redevelopment of this sports center of the seventies was divided into two phases of construction. During the first phase, the two gymnasiums and the swimming pool were refurbished with adjoining rooms and technical rooms, and the outdoor facilities were partially redesigned.
The second phase consisted of the restructuring and the complete refurbishment of the sauna, including a sauna with a view of the outside and a green space around the sauna. The indoor swimming pool and the two gymnasiums were opened to bathers and sportsmen in February 2014 and the restructuring of the sauna will be completed in September 2016.
The triangular shape of the pool hall still characterizes this complex. In order to optimize energy efficiency, all the glass facades of the building have been replaced; The exterior appearance of the sports center remains virtually unchanged. The interior of the renovated and remodeled complex is all the more surprising.
The objective here was to optimize the sports center regarding functional requirements and the atmosphere, by making minor structural changes. In order to achieve this, the architects created new layout plans and optimized the paths in the sports center. All the construction technologies have also been updated; Only part of the bathing water treatment equipment was retained.
Concrete surfaces in the entrance were repainted and the floor tiles were changed. For orientation purposes within the center, the architects took over the old system of color codes for the entire building: the blue guides the visitors towards the pool while the green leads them towards the locker rooms; The orange shows the way to the big gym and the yellow indicates the way to the gym.
The main bathing area includes a swimming pool for swimmers, a swimming pool for beginners and a swimming pool for children. The pools and surroundings of the original pools were left intact.
Renovation work in this area has focused mainly on the ceiling, which has been replaced in all pools and the brown wood roof trusses have been painted white. The eye-catching, colorful design of the ceiling is made up of patterns of green, yellow and blue panels derived from the triangular shape of the roof.

The most innovative pool

Mrs Magalie Munters (OOA | Office O architects) with the « Villa MQ » (Belgium) project

Pool Vision 2016 - gagnant Piscine innovante.jpg

This spacious villa is located in Tremelo (BE), on a very large lot surrounded by pine trees. The house was created for a couple with two children who wanted something "special". In other cases, OOA is very conceptual in its approach to design, but here we wanted it to be circular. Taking into account the construction rules, we began to carve the house around the desired plans, using the fundamental elements and architectural principles (form, space ...) and breaking the codes with curved walls, different ceiling heights and Lights ... The floating lines are on four divided levels. The entrance of the house, which is at a lower level than that of the street, is reached by a concrete frame with an artificial landscape. Even if the programs blend together, natural light offers a unique atmosphere at all levels: the continuous dispersion of light on the curved walls emphasizes the impalpable frame. The sloping balustrade, which consists of parabolic cables, intensifies the interlacing of the different spaces. At the next level we find the kitchen, connected to the garden and a slope towards the living room. An elongated dome in the ceiling / slanted roof opens the way to the highest area, the children's rooms. On this floor, we also find a natural result of the different choices. Space tightens through the circulation space, speeds up temporarily (with stairs connecting the levels), only to grow again, which improves the dramatic effect. Visual language is defined by emotion and animated agility. Views that are distant from the fixed grid are nevertheless clearly framed and pushed backwards. This emphasizes organic forms. The high volume appears to cause a feeling of seriousness. Life unfolds, turns away from the street and moves towards the gardens. The artificial landscape is well defined and falls back into the surrounding lawn.
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