The NextPool group gather together the talents of 5 pool equipment and solar protection manufacturers: Abriblue: the slatted safety cover specialist - Albigès: the reference for bas covers and solar protection - Albon: the liner, reinforced membrane and cover partner - Stérilor: the water treatment pioneer and expert - No Stress: the precursor for active drowning protection safety. Each of them offers specific know-how unrivalled on the market. Using the complementary of our skills, we have a complete offer and will support our client’s growth by adapting ourselves to their structure and customer base, in France, in Europe and everywhere.





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Our innovations


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  • UniversePool Safety
  • Launch Date02/09/2018

Open AERO is an Abriblue above-water connected slatted cover. Its characteristics: - A customised night-time lighting thanks to a stand lighting and a large pallet of colours. - Controllable using a smartphone for opening, closure and ambient lighting. - Functional and aesthetic design

Our products

Slatted cover

Abriblue offers a panel of pool slatted covers, sufficient to satisfy every need. Above water slatted covers: fixed or motorised, uncovered or covered with main or solar power… Submerged slatted covers with axial, dry box or water line motor. Retractable slatted cover.


Albon offers a multitude of liners (Classic, Celsius, Premium and Non-slip liners). From the most conventional to the most creative, all our themes and friezes are the best way to add a personal touch to the pool.

Bar Covers

EASY range, by Albigès, secures, protects and is very quick to install. Albigès guarantees an extended cover life, thanks to 2 interchangeable anti-abrasion strips located under the cover. Rolltrot² is the best way to bare the pool without effort.

Winterisation and safety covers

We use the most effective manufacturing techniques, adapting them on each model, to guarantee the best possible quality for users.

Water treatment

Stérilor is a pioneer in salt elecrolysis treatment for swimming pools. All of our products (electrolysis, redox regulator, pH regulation...) are developed, manufactured and tested in France.

Bubble covers and rollers

Albon proposes 3 qualities of bubble cover : 12mm round bubble cover in 400µ, 12 mm round bubble cover in 500µ and Geobubble™ in 550µ. Different rollers are availaibles depending on lenght and width of the pool.

No Stress

Monitoring assistance system for drowning risks. Composed with a necklace or bracelet for the child and a smartphone app for the adult. Quick and clear information for every situations : immersion alert, distance alert, removal alert.

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