We are a family owned company, the first Czech manufacturer of acrylic spas and swim spas and also one of the most recognized European manufacturers. We have been operating on domestic market since 1995. We are the leader on the domestic market and we export our products to over 20 countries worldwide. We have built our good reputation in the industry thanks to high quality, design, innovations and professionalism. We provide assurance and permanent care to our customers. You can always rely on us.





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  • COMMERCIAL, the itinerary devoted to commercial pools ans spas : public pools, aquatic centres, hotels, campsites, etc
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  • Pool Innovations
  • RESIDENTIAL, the itinerary devoted to private, residential pools and spas
  • WELLNESS, the itinerary dedicated to health and wellness (spa, hammam, fitness equipment...)

Our innovations

Automatic cover system ACS®

  • Kind of launchEuropean launch
  • UniverseWellness
  • Launch Date15/01/2017

ACS® is a unique, patent protected solution developed by USSPA. It offers unrivalled amenities of the manipulation and use of the cover by pressing a button. It´s construction is solid enough to prevent the risk of children or pets falling in water and drowning. ACS® received a Red Dot Award 2018.

Our products

Privat spa

Spa is a home oasis, private rehabilitation centre, a place for regeneration, relaxation and letting off steam. A spa can provide individual relaxation as well as fun for the entire family. Spa provides a needed relief after a long day at work or after a workout. In any case, a spa can reduce pain,

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Swim spa

Swim spa is a thermal pool for swimming, bathing and everyday relaxation. The swim spa can be utilized day or night no matter the season. A popular alternative to regular pools solves all pool drawbacks, because of which you did not want to get a pool. You will really enjoy this special pool.

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Profi spa

A commercial spa is a necessary equipment for every top wellness facility. Only a properly designed wellness area with a professional spa guarantees permanent customer satisfaction and interest. USSPA | profi provides a complex professional solution for commercial operations.

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