2018 Pool Summit

Pool Summit is the first international meeting dedicated to the world's leading decision-makers in the pool market, whether they are federations, manufacturers or journalists who can discover the markets of specific countries but also the behavior of consumers with respect to pools.

These conferences gather the key players of the swimming pool and spas industry but also important federations from the pool sector. This event is available to the Majors’ Club members and to international federations.

Gilles Mouchiroud, President of the Federation of Pool Professionals, reviews the 2016 edition of Piscine Global Europe and explains the benefits of being part of such a gathering.


Here is the Wednesday 14 November 2018 schedule:
11.00 am – 12.30 pm: Seminar at the FORUM (Mezzanine 2), with a focus on two main topics:
Theme 1: “Ma piscine, mon oeuvre” (My pool, my work of art)
by Anne-Sophie Gomez, a sociology researcher with a passion for pools.
Featuring a presentation of the ubiquitous role played by swimming pools in the artistic and cultural landscape.

Water is part of everyday life, and has become essential to wellness in a carefully managed form over the past few decades.
This new water use takes the form of swimming pools.
Pools have become a central component of human existence, for either public or private use, touching all levels of society and age brackets.
The sociological power of this “must-have” object is evidenced by its omnipresence in artistic and cultural representations such as short and feature films, photos, paintings, literature, etc.
Pools play a central role in certain works of art.
What do they represent in our collective memory?
What kind of emotions and sociological reactions do they spark in us?
What kind of artistic or cultural inspiration do artists find in them when they place them centre stage in their works of art?
Theme 2: Pools: stars of design and architecture
By Benjamin Lafore, curator of the “Domestic Pools” exhibition at the Villa Noailles
Featuring renowned architects who will share their perspective regarding the role played by pools in some well-known design projects, including a presentation.

As the name suggests, the 2018 architecture exhibition is dedicated to privately-owned pools. From the first appearance of pools in modern homes - of which the Villa Noailles is a prime example - to the most contemporary experimental designs, the exhibition retraces the architectural techniques implemented and also approaches the vernacular and industrial styles of privately-owned pools, which technical innovations have gradually made accessible to the middle classes. In focusing exclusively on this new “room”, which has left its mark on 20th century domestic architecture, the exhibition explores the cultures and representations that privately-owned pools have developed.
The curators of the Domestic Pools exhibition are Benjamin Lafore, Sébastien Martinez-Barat and Audrey Teichmann

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